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Glitter is hard to get off.

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And can you vacuum that crap out of your carpet? Hell no. Every time my kids bring home an art project it looks like there was an impromptu stripper exhibition in my friggin' living room and the devastation lasts for months. You'll be walking around the house, minding your own business, considering maybe reading a book, or watching the telly, and you see it. The glint from the floor. And just as quickly it is gone. So you back up, did you imagine it? You do a little dance, trying to find just the right spot where it reflects back at you. And then you find it. And you're screwed. Because if you move to get the dust buster (if it'd work, which it doesn't, but you pretend like it will help)... you'll never find the speck again. GRAAAAHHHH.

November 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJP_Kiwigeek

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