Butting in.


My pal Li Lu recently had this exchange with a viewer after a screening of her award winning film There Is A New World Somewhere.

Q+As are tricky. There's always at least one question asker like this, no matter what the occasion.



Feline, Faust, Fun



California "pizza"


A) It shouldn't count as a topping if it all falls off the slice when pick it up.

B) Why wouldn't you just have a salad and then eat the pizza? Why dump salad on the pizza?

C) Meat toppings should be in bite-sized chunks, not wide leathery sheets that come off completely with the first bite.

D) What is wrong with you?


Race Together


Update: Unsurprisingly, Race Together is already over.

My good friend Adam (who is an awesome cartoonist) used to work at Starbucks. When I heard about the "Race Together" campaign, my first thought was, "Wow, they found a way to make that job worse." 

Adam is a super chill guy who could probably field some poignant conversations about race, but trying to do so when you're slinging Frappucinos is a tall order.

Check out Adam's latest work in The Block and follow him on tumblr or Instagram


How to vote for a director in the Tongal Twlight contest.




I'm super excited for my friend Maggie Levin, who is one of the 30 candidates still in the running for the Twilight contest. Go vote, now!

You should go vote in this contest, even if Twilight isn't your thing. Women film directors!