Adam: The Birth Search, Part 3 (the conclusion)


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Thus concludes this chapter of Adam's birth search.

I asked Adam, at the very end of our interview, if he regretted that his hopes had been raised so high right at the beginning of his trip.


"It was a deep disappointment. I’m not sure if I’m angry at myself. Getting hopeful is okay. If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t let go of that. It was pretty awesome. The disappointment was just as important to feel. There was a lot of unresolved feelings about my abandonment and adoption that came grinding out during that time. I had to do this. This was just the beginning. I’ll probably be doing this for a very long time.

  The more I learn about where I came from, the more I knew where I was going. Most of my life I felt like I was aimlessly wandering and I didn’t know where I was going. A lot of that is because I don’t know anything about my past.

Even though I don’t have all the answers, some of the past has taken shape. Even with the highs and lows, I feel that I know myself a little more. I’m happy about that. It’s a daily struggle with everything I’ve talked about, but it’s easier to face it than it is to run away from it."  - Adam. 2014



Adam: The Birth Search, Part 2


Part 1 of the Birth Search is here.


Once again, TO BE CONTINUED.

The third installment will be up next week! What will Adam find in the orphanages? Will he track down the mysterious social worker?


Adam: The Birth Search

 The first part of Adam's story is here.



Adam's birth search story is pretty long (my interview notes go on for about eight pages), so I'm breaking it up into pieces. I'll post the rest next week.


Standing in line for a WGA event.


One of the consequences of an industry where women are a minority: guild events can often feel like bro-downs.




Bag Face


I get the sense that Shia Labeouf looks at James Franco's life and thinks, "That should be me."



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