Hey gang! Did you forget to get someone a Valentine? Here are some that I made. Click it, print it, and tell someone you like the way they fill a door frame.

(based on a Roman child's doll, circa 200 C.E.)


(inside it says "cool beans")

(inside it says "Mi'lady".)



Illustration for Brick Fight

Made a illustration for Maggie Levin's short story at The Cokonut. Follow the link and check it out.


Film Director Barbie



Here's the actual Film Director Barbie. You could buy it, or you could wander over to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, find a woman's film, and give $12.99 to it.

Hat tip to Maggie Levin, Jessica Fritz, Anna Lore Baur Schoer, Dan Cerutti, Charley Feldman, and Amalia Levari for contributing to the facebook thread discussion that led to this comic.


Found this in a drawer.


I was looking through my files for something today and I found a bunch of discarded, half finished comics. 

I think I had some kind of longer plan for this (e.g. Paul and I try to do something avant garde-y) but I never had any good ideas for what that would be.



Bar-thday Parties


It's my birthday, gang! I've had so much cake this week.