Paging Dr. Phouse



Have you been keeping up with the news on Planned Parenthood? Geez louise. The House Committee hearing was maddening. (Cecile Richards, you are a boss!) I keep seeing the same right-wing article pop up on my facebook feed saying, "PP doesn't give mammograms, shut 'em down!"

It is VERY upsetting. This is healthcare. Why would you want to limit access to healthcare? And for that matter, education. Young people learning what they need to know about sexual health ultimately drives down healthcare costs.

If you're reading this and you've never been to the Planned Parenthood website, go take a look. Click around, see what they offer.


ps. credit to the NYT crossword for the "English Rock Group" crossword clue. I got a laugh out of that one!


Otto zero Otto e crepacuore.


The Los Angeles Opera is running a special: $30 tickets for people 30 and under. GO. You'll enjoy it.

Long-form comic is done. A little preview will be up soon. And possibly another Kanye comic.


Beloved behatted



It's a hat!

I saw this in a movie. It was a very serious moment. Then he opens the locket and HAT HAT HAT. 



Super long comic update:  I drew the last pages on Friday and have been painting since then. Hooray!


Lastly, if this comic whets your appetite for romantic movies, go see American Ultra.


Full-length comic forthcoming

Hey, champs. I just looked at my site today and realized that I haven't posted since May. Eep! I've been working my way through a very long comic and the end is now in sight.

(see all those penciled pages? That's the next-to-last scene.)

Aw, look at my little guy.

The first half of the comic; painted, stacked, waiting.


I haven't yet decided how to make the comic available, but I'm excited. It's a good one.


Make Wendy go to the Entourage movie!


Y'all know Wendy Molyneaux from her work on Bob's Burgers. Now YOU have the opportunity to 1) force her to see Entourage, and 2) WATCH her WATCHING Entourage.

It's a great time to be alive, people.

Give to her fundraiser HERE.