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Halloween cards!


Hey gang! Do you need to send a thank you card to the host of a rippin' H'ween party? Do you need to send an apology letter for hurling in your neighbor's mailbox? Print/download/send one of these cards!

Happy Halloween. Take a cab.


Zombies on Film! (it's a book) from Ozzy Inguanzo, with foreword by Max Landis and the Sassquach!



PRO TIP: click through with the arrows on the side.

You know how this works. Y'all read Boys' Night.



This is the foreword to the terrific book Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema. Written by the super swell Ozzy Inguanzo.

I had a ton of fun drawing these pictures. Click through and enjoy!


This is a great book. Bright, colorful, full of pictures, and insightful clever writing. Do you like zombies? Buy it. Have a friend who won't stop weeping after the most recent episode of The Walking Dead? Buy them this book to cheer them up. The holidays are coming... perhaps skip the Starbucks gift card and treat your office mate to a nice book instead.

Look at this book preview!




Excess Baggage





Since seeing Sicario, I've been on a bit of a Benecio del Toro kick. Last night, I revisited the 1997 classic "Excess Baggage".

It had it all, baby. Invasive use of the Dave Matthews song, "Crash Into Me"? Check. Police declaring, "The kidnapper used a cell phone, we'll never trace it!" Check. Benecio announcing his weird, quippy dialogue like he was in a wind tunnel? Check.

There's this amazing, weird bit of the movie that I can't draw. Christopher Walken confronts Del Toro, and Del Toro does this crazy, loud, closed-mouth giggle. Then there's this bit depicted above. Both so bizarre and out of plalce that I loved them immediately.



Inside Out West


My twitter pal @theyoungilkim tweeted something about "Inside Out, but with Kanye West's mind" a few weeks ago and I wrote it down in my sketchbook. Last night, I finally had the time to draw a bit of it.

I like the idea that Kanye's Bing Bong is a jumbo jet that wears funny hats and flies him around to exotic locales.

Paul would like me to tell you all that the plane is "aerogyratic". He means it's aerodynamic and it gyrates.