Meet Weirdy


Hey champs!

Meet "Weirdy", the loveable protagonist of my new comic book. 54 glorious watercolor pages. Find out what happens when this little scamp goes to sleepaway camp!

I drew the story last year based on the idea of Jason Voorhees as a child at summer camp. Little did he know that I've never seen... (googles hastily) Friday the 13th. So what came out instead is a pretty sweet/sad story about what it's like to be the weird kid at camp before you know you're the weird kid at camp. 

It's so long I can't put it on the website. I've been dying to put it out and AT LAST!!

Available digitally on Comixology. Buy it, read it, rate it.

You can order a hard copy from Amazon. 

If you'd rather walk into a store and buy one, try:

Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles

Skylight Books, Los Angeles

Quimby's Books, Chicago

Zanadu Comics, Seattle

Desert Island Comics, Brooklyn


More treats coming soon!


Horny Potter


Hey gang. I did a whole bunch of art to promote my pal Naomi Ko's live Mortified reading of the Harry Potter fan fiction she wrote as a teenager.


It was great. Danny Pudi, Jake Choi, and Will Choi really brought it to life.

If you missed the Comedy Comedy Festival, check back next summer. It'll be back, bigger, and bolder. (go look at the website anyway. lots of great photos.)


Get MORTIFIED: this Friday, with Danny Pudi!


Hey Los Angeles babes. Are you a fan of comedy? Did you watch every episode of Community? Come on Friday and get an eyeful of Danny Pudi, in a very sensual turn as Harry Potter!

There's also a bunch of other cool things. Thursday, Musical Musical Show with folks from Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Saturday's Disoriented Comedy show with special guest Randall Park. Then there's improv and sketch and more standup and readings and more fun than you can shake a stick at. I'mma camp out and soak in all the fun!


Write Wing


Let's be honest. We know exactly what kind of novels Miz Coulter would write.



Inspired by this tweet from Daniel Kibblesmith:

"Why do they always say LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SKELETON FIGHT if they're never actually gonna show the skeletons fighting"


This is one of those beautiful, complete pictures that was whole the moment it came into my head, the kind of brain chemistry that makes you think of Grecian muses or divine inspiration. Which makes it WAY funnier to me.


Thanks again to Daniel, who is a pip! His twitter is great. Follow him!