Deck the Halls 2: Thanksgiving episode out today



Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!) is back for round two! Four episodes coming to you before Christmas. Episode 1 is out today! Share, review, and get down with this new holiday adventure!



It's gonna get weird.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Hey champs! Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day!" Are you excited for Santa's Husband? It comes out in less than a month!!

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Fightin' Clauses



Superman and Captain America fight Nazis. You bet your buttons Santa and his husband fight 'em too.


Inspired by the comics covers of World War II and the rally cry I heard in one of the Charlottesville videos. "We're here. We're gay. We fight the KKK!"

Santa's Husband comes out on October 10th. Pre-order now.


Gosh, but so many good things are coming for Christmas! (Patreon boost!)


Guess what's coming for the holidays?


When my sound editor and I were blasting through the first Deck the Halls, we kept joking abut making a sequel called "Stu's Odyessy".

I kept thinking about it.

And in January, I sat down and started bangin' out some pages. Now?

We've just started production on a delicious 3-episode arc, scheduled for release this holiday season!

All your favorite characters are back. The stakes are higher. The laughs are bigger.

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As we get closer to the release, there will be lots of exclusive goodies including a Patron's-only minicomic, director's commentary, and more!


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Santa's Husband - coming this fall!



This is very exciting news.


Also, TIME ran a piece about the book.


Pre-order link coming soon. In the meantime, there's jam for tea!