Deck the Halls Season 3! All episodes available now!

It's that time of year again! Deck the Halls season 3, "The Holiday Postcards" starts rolling out today! A new episode every Monday in December!

 We tried out something a little different this year. In the style of an anthology, each episode focuses on a different character (or set of characters).

We've got five great episodes this season, so make sure to add "Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!)" to your feed in your favorite podcast app.


 Episode 1, "The Runaway Bride", directed by Paula Deming! (aka The Jackie Episode!)


Episode 2: "The Dirigible Captain" , directed by AP Quach. (aka the Stu episode!)

Episode 3: "A Royal Pain", directed by AP Quach. (aka the Emma and Trip episode!)


Episode 4: "The Gift Table", directed by AP Quach. (The French Waiters!)


Episode 5: "Cake Scramble!", directed by AP Quach (Jackie, Emma, and Stu)

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EDIT: Santa's Husband Countdown Art sold out!



We had a bit of a rough Christmas after all.

Peanut got pretty sick. He's okay now (coming home today!) but we've got some hefty vet bills to chip away at.

So, TADA! All the Santa's Husband Christmas Countdown drawings are for sale!

EDIT: Sold out! Thank you so much, dear pals! I don't know where we'd be without you.

Enjoy your art. Happy New Year!


Deck the Halls 2! Entire season now available!


Santa's Husband Advent 




I've had so much fun drawing Santa and his husband for you all this year. Thank you to all for your support. Keep buying the book, maybe I'll get to draw them again next year! Amazon link

 Santa's Husband Countdown drawings now available for sale!


Foley Party with Mike and Kevin!


It's fun to watch brilliant people work.