Great British Beefcake-off


Change is tough.


Right after I finished this comic, I saw this tweet:

And I felt like I was psychic.



American Hot Dogs



Knowing this teacher... knowing the friends of mine who do work in politics... these whip smart, energetic minds. Thinking of them revives me.

Keep calling. Keep marching. U-S-A! U-S-A!


Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!)




You know how I've been off the radar for the last two months? I was making a radio play. AND NOW YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT.

Not just listen to it. You can put it on your ipod and tote it around in your pocket. You can put it on in your car and lose yourself in jangly holiday merriment while waiting to turn left into Costco. You can email it to your mom and say, "Hey mom, I'm sorry I won't be there this year, but I'm thinking of you." You can listen to it with your best friend's sister and giggle over which character you'd rather date. You can put it on your Bluetooth speakers while you wrap presents and reconnect with your teenager child.



Two best pals, Emma and Jackie, are just trying to get through the holiday wedding season when A MYSTERIOUS HANDSOME STRANGER ENTERS THE PICTURE.

What will happen? OMG I DON'T KNOW.

JK, I know. But you don't. YET!

Tag lines: 

"When love is your business, you have no business falling in love."

"Here comes the... GROOM?"

"He was too good to be true. Until he wasn't. Then he was again."

This year, forget your troubles in rush hour traffic with DECK THE HALLS WITH MATRIMONY.


Now available on iTunes!


Eight of Hollywood's most attractive and charming actors. 50+ hours of practical Foley creation. Original music so uplifting and fuzzy that you'll swear you fell into a time warp straight back to the days of Gershwin!

An hour and fifteen minutes of cheer for you, for free.

Because Sassquach loves you. Because we could all use a smile. Because we wanted to make a Christmas movie.

Download "Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!)

Our excellent, excellent cast, left to right: Nik Shriner ("Turkey" and "Doof"), Jesse Abbott Chin (Greek chorus), Kacie Rogers (Greek chorus), Keiko Agena (Jackie), Paula Deming (Emma), Ian McQuown (Trip), Jessica Payne (Katie Collingswood), and Kyle Payne (Stu).

I truly can't say enough for this cast. Some are actors I've worked with before, but most were dear, generous professionals who took a chance on a garage band project. Each brought intuition and genius to their parts. They are inventive. They are tender. They are fearless.


A pic with more lighting! But sadly without our Nik. Left to right, Kyle, Jesse, Kacie, Jessica, Keiko, Paula, and Ian.

We were recorded by Dustin Burford at Soundworks in Burbank, California. (A lovely, elegant facility. Dustin was so very, very patient.)

Our music was composed by John Jesensky. His music is so expressive, it became our narrator.

Our sound design was done by Kevin Rosen-Quan with additional Foley by Mike Miller. Kevin is a wizard. Mike is a hero. They clocked hours and hours of original Foley recording. Kevin wove it all into the glorious tapestry of violence and comedy that you've got downloading onto your mobile device right this moment.

Paula Deming (Emma) was and is the best co-producer anyone could ask for. Having an encouraging and optimistic co-producer is like having three extra sets of arms.


These people made this possible. It is a crazy thing we did in the space of two months. These are champions.


Enjoy Deck the Halls. Share it far and wide. Stream it on Soundcloud (along with a few addition outtakes)!  We're also up on iTunes now, so please remember to give us a review!

Happy holidays from the Sassquach!




Rocky Horror Hipster Show




Oh man! I forgot to upload this. I made a prop comic for my pal Maggie's final run of her outrageously popular Rocky Horror Hipster Show.

The interior pages were for Coy Jandreau. It's a pretty good likeness.

While you're here, take a gander at Maggie's newest project, VAIN, an immersive 360 film which has a lot of the same cast. Sexy, sassy vampires, hooray!


Election 2016





If you're protesting this weekend, stay safe.

I want to carry this picture of the White House staff around with me for a while. It is somehow comforting. I put it on a t-shirt for that reason.

Oh, also, my friend Naomi and I have been doing a fundraiser to send Filibuster-grade sneakers to all the female Democratic senators. We're just $85 away from meeting our goal. Check it out!