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Shoot! I forgot to post these here.

These are two little one-off comics I did on Instagram. Do you follow me yet? You should.

The Batman comic is based on a Max tweet. He posted that if he ever wrote a Batman movie, it'd be:


I'm here.



The second is for the indomitable Charley Shoot-my-Eyeballs-into-Space Feldman for wrapping her Jem shoot!!!



End of a Friendship




By Max Landis and AP Quach


I hope you enjoyed that.

Go ahead, scroll back and gaze at that kiss for another minute.



If you enjoyed that, have a read of "Weirdy". (Available at Comixology and on Amazon.) More intense feelings. More watercolor! 300% more weird monsters than this comic contained.

Man, I loved drawing these comics. I'm gonna go read them again.





Meet Weirdy


Hey champs!

Meet "Weirdy", the loveable protagonist of my new comic book. 54 glorious watercolor pages. Find out what happens when this little scamp goes to sleepaway camp!

I drew the story last year after Max pitched the idea of Jason Voorhees as a child at summer camp. Little did he know that I've never seen... (googles hastily) Friday the 13th. So what came out instead is a pretty sweet/sad story about what it's like to be the weird kid at camp before you know you're the weird kid at camp. 

It's so long I can't put it on the website. I've been dying to put it out and AT LAST!!

Available digitally on Comixology. Buy it, read it, rate it.

You can order a hard copy from Amazon. 

If you'd rather walk into a store and buy one, try:

Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles

Skylight Books, Los Angeles

Quimby's Books, Chicago

Zanadu Comics, Seattle

Desert Island Comics, Brooklyn


More treats coming soon!


Zombies on Film! (it's a book) from Ozzy Inguanzo, with foreword by Max Landis and the Sassquach!



PRO TIP: click through with the arrows on the side.

You know how this works. Y'all read Boys' Night.



This is the foreword to the terrific book Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema. Written by the super swell Ozzy Inguanzo.

I had a ton of fun drawing these pictures. Click through and enjoy!


This is a great book. Bright, colorful, full of pictures, and insightful clever writing. Do you like zombies? Buy it. Have a friend who won't stop weeping after the most recent episode of The Walking Dead? Buy them this book to cheer them up. The holidays are coming... perhaps skip the Starbucks gift card and treat your office mate to a nice book instead.

Look at this book preview!




Boys' Night


Written by Max Landis

Illustrated by AP Quach


PRO TIP: If you hold your mouse over the sides of the pictures (on the white part just next to it) a little arrow appears, letting you click through the pictures with slightly greater ease.


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