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Dazzler and the Wolfman, sittin' in a tree.


"What if" comics are fun, but Dazzler is such a lame X-man. Her super power is mostly boobs. (Dazzling boobs.)

Inspired by Greg Pak. He's writing a novel on twitter, y'know.



A little p.s. thanks to a comment from reader Jason. Though cosmetically similar, I think dating Wolverine would be fundamentally different from dating the Wolfman.

However, that is only one opinion. Please discuss amongst yourselves.


Sassquach is new to Reddit.



Boy, I've gotta thank you dear Redditors. I've been a little overwhelmed by all the feedback these past few days, but when the comic hit Reddit, KAPOW. Special thanks to Redditor Sparkplugbuttplug (your name is terrific) for sharing the comic in the first place.

Welcome, new guests. I hope you'll have a look around. There's some good stuff coming over the next few weeks, so follow me on twitter for to-the-minute updates. 

I will be writing autobio comics more frequently from here on in, but I hope you all don't mind a little silliness in the meantime.