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Jem and the Holograms Kickstarter

A little more than two days left on the Jem kickstarter and just a little more than 2K left to be raised!

Push'em over the edge! If the gang meets their goal by noon on Saturday (2/20), every donor will receive this exclusive Jem poster designed by the Sassquach!

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Das Wampyr



Come to the Los Angeles Drink-n-Draw this Thursday at 8pm! (Casey's Pub, 613 S Grand Ave)

Lots of vampires will be drawn! All in support of Dracula: Son of the Dragon! If you ask nicely, I'll draw you a picture of Gary Oldman in a velvet frock coat.


Stake Fajitas



Super pal and graphic novelist MARK SABLE is Kickstarting this super cool book, DRACULA: SON OF THE DRAGON. There's dragons and vampires and HISTORY! Are you poopin' in your pants yet? Well, there's more! This Kickstarter comes with a heap of great rewards to choose from: leather bound editions, original art, prints...oh, there's just too much! (All the best Kickstarters have art as rewards, don't you know?)

They even have retailer bundle rewards! You can get Mark and Salgood to come do a signing at your store!

Personally, I decided to choose the reward where Mark consults you on a script. Mark is the first guy who ever read my work in its entirety and his advice is spot on. If you write scripts and were thinking about getting coverage on a project, why not just hire him? Support the artistic community and get some solid gold pointers in one fell swoop.