Down time


I love you, husband, but you give backrubs like Freddy Krueger. 


Christopher No, part 1


No minor characters ever get thrown away, but most of the time their histories and mythos end up locked in my filing cabinet. I thought I'd try to illustrate a shred or two. 



What goes in an "Emperor Norton pie"?


I was in a pie baking contest this weekend and the "most creative" award went to a pie composed of chocolate and nuts, dubbed the "Emperor Norton." Cute, but I think we all know if Emperor Norton baked a pie, it wouldn't really be that tasty.

For those readers not from San Francisco, Emperor Norton was a fella in the mid to late 1800s who just declared himself Emperor of the USA and San Franciscans, true to form, just went with it


Is Lady Gaga the new Andy Kaufman?


It was white mice all along. 

(for you, Shira.)




This is the last panel from a longer story I was working on that ended with the American wage slave's fantasy: spitting in a jerk's coffee.

I decided to scrap most of it (too dull) but the drawings of the loogey were too good not to post. 

For the record, I've never spit in someone's drink...but I can't say it never crossed my mind.