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The precursor to Pacific Rim (spoiler-ish)



This is all I could think about during Pacific Rim.

Except also why did Idris Elba keep that little girl's shoe instead of making her put it back on? It didn't look broken.



New comic soon...



Sorry for the lack of funny comic updates this week! Mama's bringing the funny back real soon, but 'til then, here's a doodle from my sketchbook dedicated to the epidemic of children who dig around in their pants during class.



A blonde wanted to travel to the sun...


True story. This kid is a barrel of laughs.

This was Paul's favorite part of the comic, so here it is a little bigger: 


All ye who write and illustrate children's books, I hope you'll look at Mac Barnett's Picture Book Manifesto for the sake of children (and their parents and weary teachers) everywhere.

Boring books are the bane of my profession.



Ah, memories... Part 2