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Excess Baggage





Since seeing Sicario, I've been on a bit of a Benecio del Toro kick. Last night, I revisited the 1997 classic "Excess Baggage".

It had it all, baby. Invasive use of the Dave Matthews song, "Crash Into Me"? Check. Police declaring, "The kidnapper used a cell phone, we'll never trace it!" Check. Benecio announcing his weird, quippy dialogue like he was in a wind tunnel? Check.

There's this amazing, weird bit of the movie that I can't draw. Christopher Walken confronts Del Toro, and Del Toro does this crazy, loud, closed-mouth giggle. Then there's this bit depicted above. Both so bizarre and out of plalce that I loved them immediately.



Damsel in distress? Damsel in yo face!



Who dares to mock ScarJo?

Hey champs. Sorry for the radio silence. Mama's had some freelance work to get done.

Scarlett Johansson has a lot of super[natural] powers in movies, lately. Maybe it's not an act.


Breast laid plans gone to waste...


 Story pitch by YIK. (wink!)

Paul, of course, is responsible for the title and the "titty twister".

Speaking of strippers, I thought this article was interesting. If you like economics, it'll probably appeal to you.



The precursor to Pacific Rim (spoiler-ish)



This is all I could think about during Pacific Rim.

Except also why did Idris Elba keep that little girl's shoe instead of making her put it back on? It didn't look broken.